As a native of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, I always prayed for two things when it came to public transportation: One, the demise of the unholy mess known as AMET, the transportation authority that requires a -40 IQ of its traffic conductors. And two, that Enrique Peñalosa, the Colombian urban planning mastermind, would somehow get to be our mayor. Peñalosa is often canonized for his outstanding overhaul of Bogota’s public transportation system, and one of his go-to strategies… READ MORE

As we all know another earthquake shook the earth once again, but this time it was in South America, unfortunately in Chile. Chile is located under the “Circle of Fire” one of the most seismic zones in the world, and although it was not as damaged as Haiti our Chilean brothers and sisters need our help. Communications are down and highways have been greatly damaged. Many stand without roofs and rescue teams are still working to find people in between… READ MORE

Enrique Bunbury is about to release a new album called Las Consecuencias, (out March 9th). According to the rock god himself, this album is the darkest and most down tempo he has ever recorded.

Indeed, we’ve been blasting it in the Remezcla Headquarterz and we’ve fallen under a mysterious, acoustic, Bunburesque spell. We even started wearing aviator glasses indoors. The album includes the popular song “Frente a Frente”, a cover of that classic 1981 Jeannette song with Miren Iza, from… READ MORE

In the new video for “Somos El Mundo,” the Spanish version of “We Are the World,” Latino artists old and new got together raise awareness and funds for Haiti. We haven’t collectively laughed out loud so much in a long time when we watched it. Why? Stars, they’re just like us!

Here are our Top 8 Awfully Good Moments from the video “Somos El Mundo”:

8- Aventura’s vocalist Anthony Romeo breathing heavily…we can’t help but to expect “Somos El Mundo…So… READ MORE

Nacotheque party co-founder and promoter, DJ Amylulita just finished her latest DJ mix called Chula Pop Crush. The mix is dedicated (in her own words) “to club pop and dance electro-ish music.” So when your getting ready to go out and party all night, this mix will charge all your batteries and get you pumped up. This free mixtape includes artists like Belanova, Anita Tijoux, and….Patricia Manterola from Garibaldi fame (random!)

Download the mixtape and check out the track list after… READ MORE

Kevin Johansen is releasing a new live album/DVD in April titled Kevin Johansen+ The Nada+ Liniers: Vivo en Buenos Aires. The witty folk singer is bringing us a show in DVD, featuring lots of guest artists such as Kiko Veneno, Ileana Cabra (Calle 13), Fernando Cabrera and Paulinho Moska in a night of rhythmical, sweet and contagious melodies. The show was recorded in August 2000 at the Teatro El Nacional in buenos Aires and was filmed and edited by renowned… READ MORE

Carla Morrison’s one-girl band is comprised of a Boss XL20 loops pedal, a tambourine, a melodic guitar, a Casio vintage keyboard and a mic. You couldn’t tell from the sweet, minimalistic, melancholic “Esta soledad,” the song of the week at iTunes Latino. The Mexican-born singer has often been compared to Feist and Joanna Newsom, and her voice carries hints of Lafourcade – if only Natalia indulged in songs where she never laughed at herself, but rather steeped her anger and… READ MORE

Julieta Venegas just premiered hew new video for “Bien o Mal”, and we have to say that both song and video complement each other in a way that you know is Julieta’s distinctive style.

“Bien o Mal” is the first single on her anticipated new album Otra Cosa due March 16 2010, around a year after she enclosed herself inside her home to write new songs. Then in Buenos Aires she got together with Adrian Dargelos (Babasónicos) and Ale Sergi… READ MORE