The Argentinean film The Man Next Door (El Hombre de Al Lado) opens at the MoMA. READ MORE

For a band named Girl in a Coma, they’re sure keeping pretty active. As one of San Antonio’s musical success stories, Latin rocker trio (sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz, along with friend Jenn Alva) has got their fans and followers itching for their upcoming series of  EPs in vinyl and digital release.  Titled  Adventures in Coverland, the collection of covers range from David Bowie to Latin music icon Selena, from Joy Division to Ritchie Valens.

The series stands as the… READ MORE

Remember way back when in the year 2000 when Mala Rodriguez burst onto the scene with hard core hip hop and sharp social lyrics? Then not so long afterwards, the spitfire Spaniard came at us with an alternative beat in the company of the like of Julieta Venegas in her album Malamarismo in 2007.

Well, it’s another day in Mala-land and if her new single “No pidas perdón” is any indication, she has left the ghettos of Sevilla and the hipster… READ MORE

So, Google is out of China and according to reports from Business Week and CNN, Venezuela might be the next casualty of online censorship. While the biggest shock might be that Venezuelans actually have access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is fear that President Hugo Chavez might be planning to pull the plug or drastically censor such sites.

According to Chavez himself on his weekly TV show Alo Presidente, he is calling for internet regulations, which… READ MORE

When we asked Walter Mercado for his forecast on the possibility of a collaboration between amazing Latin artists Calle 13 and Rita Indiana Hernández, the stars said yes. We had Latin music in mind (can you imagine the epicness of a chorus going “Si tú le da’, yo le doy/Tú sabes, tú sabes, tú sabes que estás que estilla”?), but when at the end of his prediction Walter’s face twitched, and through a quarter-of-an-inch orifice in his mouth (the only… READ MORE

New York-based artist Sofía Maldonado has explored her concept of the Up-Uptown Latina Manhattanite in a mural on 42nd Street, and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her vision of the Harlem/Washington Heights women is as much a fetishist cliché as it is an artistically poor attempt at realism: It includes morenas with too-tiny tank tops holding their saggy breasts and a redhead with the Heights version of the Snooki poof (and the Snooki attire). Unsurprisingly, protesters are… READ MORE

Argentinean artist Marta Minujín is a female, Latin version of Andy Warhol. READ MORE

This week in the Guácala Audit: In defense of Jessica Alba. READ MORE

Acclaimed band Latin rock band Cafe Tacuba has pleased audiences around the world for a long time in their 20 year career. Now the Mexican rock group is taking another big step: Cafe Tacuba is going to the big screen.

This new documentary Seguir Siendo: Cafe Tacuba, directed by Ernesto Contreras and José Manuel Cravioto started as a short film of their voyage to Japan, and then extended itself into one and a half hours of the Mexican rockers on tour and… READ MORE

Enrique Bunbury just released a new album called Las Consecuencias, and he’s taking it on the road.

The Spaniard has announced more than 20 tour dates across the United States, starting April 24th in El Paso, Texas and ending June 8th in Tucson Arizona.

According to the rock god himself, Las Consecuencias is the darkest and most down tempo he has ever recorded. Indeed, we’ve been blasting it in the Remezcla Headquarterz and we’ve fallen under a mysterious, acoustic, Bunburesque… READ MORE