The recently cast Theaterworks production of Stephen Adly Guirgis’ play, “The Motherf*cker with the Hat,” has placed a pair of White actors in two Puerto Rican roles. The playwright is not very happy, and he’s taken to Facebook to talk about it. READ MORE

America’s biggest export is TV and movies. But what happens when our TV shows get Latinized? Our pop culture addict Eddy Martinez takes a dive into the depths of Latin TV to search for the best adaptations of American shows. READ MORE

Washington Heights once again proves itself to be the new center of New York Latino culture as Arka Lounge reopens alongside the brand new Arlezol Cafe, all right next to Apt. 78. Too much awesome on one block, and it all tastes like platanos. READ MORE

Just a little bit late for Halloween and probably not in keeping with the spirit of the Day of the Dead, nearly ten-thousand people converged on Mexico City last week to bring about the end of the world by zombie infestation. Just kidding! They’re trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. READ MORE

Recent census data paints a grim portrait of the state of education in NYC’s Hispanic communities, as 41% of all Mexican immigrants in NYC between the ages of 16 and 19 have dropped out of school. The New York Times investigates the issue and points to its causes. READ MORE

Recent trade agreements make it cheaper for Colombian sex-shop owners to buy American made sex products and pass those savings on to their customers. Capitalism! READ MORE

Siri can send texts, answer your questions, manipulate your schedule, and more. It can do almost anything – except understand your accent. READ MORE

A Pair of Nuts are bringing their over sixty show tour to a close in their hometown of Miami, and Remezcla – recently taken over by Nuts’ video “Gayo” – just had to get a word from this comedy duo. READ MORE