NEW YORK – “A Million Hoodies” will congregate in Union Square tonight in memory of Trayvon Martin, and to show that being a minority and wearing your hoodie doesn’t automatically make you a suspicious criminal. Martin was shot and killed in Florida for being “suspicious.” READ MORE

This month’s first A Theater Near You is sharing wonderful news. Remember all those old, sometimes cheesy Mexican movies that would play late at night or on weekend afternoons before they were replaced with Spanish dubbed American flicks? Univision is bringing them to you gratis! Prepare to get nothing done. READ MORE

MIAMI – This unofficial Marlins fight song is making the rounds and, well, it’s definitely more Miami. READ MORE

The debauchery continues on Saturday at SXSW 2012. We hit up Pan Americana Fest Tejano Showcasa and Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold. Check out these flicks with Nortec’s Hiperboreal, Bang Data, Dillon Francis, and more! READ MORE

Check out the film Mala Mala: A Be Yourself Movie and donate to help tell the story of people in Puerto Rico pushing the gender boundaries while also struggling with their identity as a nation. READ MORE

Check out the bands we saw at SXSW 2012 on our quest for what’s next. We know you’ll be hearing more for Vetusta Morla, Il Abanico and L.A. soon! READ MORE

Matt Barbot and Eddy Martinez take on Casa de mi Padre: it’s weird, and it’s taxing, but it’s worth it if you’re willing to let it take you along for the ride. READ MORE