Expect no less from these AMAZING photos of Vive Latino 2012! Ft. Francisca Valenzuela, Café Tacuba, Bunbury, Kinky, MIS, Gogol Bordello, Austin TV, Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, Lost Acapulco, y muchos más!! READ MORE

It’s World Theater(re) Day today, and we’ve got a run down of Latin shows going up on stage in Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA. Celebrate with some culture, cabrones. What else are you doing on a Tuesday night? READ MORE

A Theater Near You is Remezcla’s twice-a-month guide to Latin movies you can watch without having to get off your couch. Check out this cute, hilarious and semi-enfuriating documentary about “the foremost expert on puttin’ American men with Mexican women.” READ MORE

Geraldo Rivera’s misguided editorial, blaming Trayvon Martin for his own fatal shooting, accidentally reveals an ugliness in how many minorities are forced to view themselves and their place in this country. READ MORE

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO – The Macy’s Flower show is this weekend, and this year’s theme is Brazil. No Brazilian designers are set to make appearances or create bouquets, but hey, there are flower arrangements modeled after the kind you might see in favelas. READ MORE

NEW YORK – Led Black gives us a taste of Uptown’s underground numbers game, and gives us tips on picking the perfect pale. What’s a pale, you ask? You’ll never win big unless you find out. READ MORE

In this film, Gael García Bernal acts as Oxfam ambassador and is sensitive and handsome for a good cause. READ MORE

FOX’s Terra Nova has been cancelled, which means there’s one less show on television featuring a Latino character – even if that Latino character happens to have been an 85 million year old carnivorous reptile. READ MORE