New York- Led Black’s hilarious take on how to drive through an Uptown clusterf#*k and not die, plus, some reasons why we love to hate cabbies. New York, you’re gonna dig this! READ MORE

May is National Masturbation Month, to “raise awareness about the positive effects of masturbation.” So here at Remezcla we decided to join forces with this good cause and compile a list of Latin songs that talk proudly about the benefits of self-loving. READ MORE

NEW YORK- Our girl Glori Linares is on the verge of stealing the underground restaurant scene with her home-made chin chin joint. See you there! READ MORE

“While the date is a cause for celebration, the nation was effectively hamstrung by the cruel irony of independence without freedom. To anyone else, this was an expected course (normal being a relative word) for the island nation. In fact, the nation would only receive true independence-but-not-liberty fifty-seven years later. So, who the hell cares about this date anyway? Time to step back and remember…” READ MORE

We did an interview a while back with descolonizARTE, the NYC based political art group, back when they were planning on putting together some cabezudos for a May Day protest. Well, you didn’t think we’d just let that go, did you? Here are those pics. I WANT A CABEZUDO. READ MORE

Today marks the one year anniversary of Subsuelo, the house party turned club party that layers global bass, flamenco, and cumbia in perfect mix. Come inside to learn about party throwers El Canyonazo, DJ Gozar, photographer Farah Sosa, and Gnotes. READ MORE

San Juan Mayor Santini Padilla has decided to name a street after Iris Chacon. Bravo! Who else would you name a street after? READ MORE

Legendary Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes passed away today at the age of 83. READ MORE