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by DJ Raff

Latino & Proud - DJ Raff

After a long tenure in the orthodox hip-hop camp, turntablist/producer DJ Raff felt compelled to experiment with beat architecture in a surrealist manner, breaking up with all preconceived notions of the classic boom-bap structure and creating a whole new language that sounds like if aliens landed on the Atacama desert and for some reason had to use turntables to communicated with humans. -JD

DJ Raff – Sudakaizbeautiful



by Gepe

Audiovision - Gepe

Get your poncho ready for a psychedelic trip through South America where Andean pre-hispanic grooves merge seamlessly with a Brazilian batucada that will give you flashbacks of “Matador.” The result is nothing short of hypnotic, absolute bliss from beginning to end. -JD




javiera-mena“Al siguiente nivel”
by Javiera Mena

Esquemas Juveniles - Javiera Mena

Chile’s synthpop mistress Javiera Mena crafts perfect pop gems. This one’s off her debut album and has not lost one drop of inspiring one to get lost on that dancefloor with her unapologetic catchy synthpop tunes and sexy, warm vocals. -IR

Javiera Mena – Al Siguiente Nivel



jotdog“Corazón de metal”
by Jotdog

Turista del Amor II - JotDog

Notably known for making sinister pop noise, singer-songwriter Maria Barracuda along with producer/engineer Jorge “Chiquis” Amaro together form a unique blend of twisted sappy music that’ll reach the soft spots of any goth metal head, or turn those poppy lovers into the darker side of things. Though, I’m unsure about their name Jotdog, but I’ll let that slide for now. -IR

Jotdog – Corazon De Metal



by Kinky

Sueño de la Maquina - Kinky

Clearly, Kinky makes a comeback with their latest album Sueño de la Maquina. With a killer intro and dance-a-thon beat, Kinky slips their cool with a Depeche-Mode-meets-Daft-Punk synths and rial on intoxicating lyrics. These guys know what they’re doing and do it well.  -IR

Kinky – Intoxicame

TRACKS: 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-1516-21