MIA: How Do You Open Your World?

MIA: How Do You Open Your World?

The Heineken Open Your World Mural Project is throwing open the gallery walls of Miami’s vibrant art scene and splashing visuals all over the city. But opening your world is more than a project, more than an art display, and more than a slogan. Truly opening your world is a lifestyle.

We buzzed through the packed crowd at the Heineken Mural Project Launch Party and asked revelers

How do you open your world?

Trek 6, Heineken Mural Project artist: “Pushing spray paint in different places and impressing people with what can be done.”

Prime, Heineken Mural Project artist: “I’ve done graffiti since 1983, but if we don’t share it with the kids, the legacy dies. The kids inspire me. They open my world.”

Don RIMX, Heineken Mural Project artist: “It’s natural. It’s what I do. Originality is the key to survival, style, and expression when it comes to the truth of what I do. It’s the emotional landscape of the melodic symphony through color therapy. Better yet, a street romantic voudou.”

Estria, Heineken Mural Project artist: “I get it from conversations and interactions with people, our ancestors, and the land that I connect with it. I start to see things differently. If you meditate, you get images that you wouldn’t have thought. There’s a difference when I force it with thought than when I receive it through mediation.”

Lauren “Lolo” Reskin, owner Sweat Records: “Listening to new people who come into the shop to find out what’s going on in their world. We have people from Brazil, Mexico, Germany – all over – come in. When I travel, I go into the local record stores, of course. I’m listening to new music non-stop.”

Jason Jimenez, co-owner Sweat Records: “Research. I read a lot and watch videos about UFOs and ancient civilizations.”

Elena Santayana, jewelry designer: “Driving with the windows open and singing at the top of my lungs. I’ve been busted belting out Shaka Khan on US1.”

Andres Dalmastro, music producer: “Writing music. I play five instruments and have been nominated for Grammys. I sit in my room at 2am and write hit songs.”

Ana Pereira, real estate agent: “Doing things you wouldn’t normally do. It’s understanding connections and indulging opportunities. I called up my friend and she invited me out here. I had never been to this part of Wynwood before. It’s amazing. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.”

Yesenia Mena, artist: “Looking at a visionary artist, especially RIMX. From a distance, it just looks like simple lines, but you get close and it’s something else entirely. So fresh!”

Niki Lopez, graphic designer: “Putting myself into new situations. I’m an explorer.”

Tabatha Mudra, photographer: “I invite 19 friends to my house and blow their minds. No photos, no video, no proof that it ever happened. I’m a very public person, but my art is private. I call it, ‘Provacatwist.’”

Miki G., musician: “I take out beautiful women and drink Heineken.”

Michelle Rodriguez, musician: “I fall in love everyday. Everyday it’s a different person.”

Niria Proa, artist: “Waking up first thing in the morning and having an open mind. Take the best and the worst of your day as a learning experience.”

Ishmael, artist: “Travelling. We are a tribe. Tribal people work together.”

George Deacon, multimedia producer: “Opening your world is believing in yourself. Put yourself out there and what you want will come to you.”

Janay McNeil, writer: “Reading history. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. It’s opened my creativity.”

Carlos Perez, student: “Turntabling in the middle of the night. It turns the confines of my room into a club.”

Fernando Lao, comedian: “I do comedy. They say laughter is the best medicine and I want to cure cancer.”

How do YOU open YOUR world?
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Open Your World with the Mural Project Bike Tour. (For interactive online map, click here.)

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