Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudio Picasso moved to Miami with his mother at the age of two. It was here that his artistic inclinations flourished and, by age 16, Claudio was introduced to graffiti art and instantly fell in love with its bold color schemes and graphic styling, its monumental scale, underground culture, and means of social commentary. Still as he began to work with spray paint, he felt the need to branch out from the traditional bright, pastel designs, often-repetitive structure, and constraints as solely a form of word art. Soon after graduating high school, Claudio would expand his repertoire in the Schools of Art and Art History at Florida International University, delving into every medium he could. A Masterʼs degree in Education would soon follow. After working in sculpture, printmaking, and digital art, Claudio found himself returning to charcoal and spray paint as his preferred mediums.

Crafting images with a depth and sensitivity that pushes the bounds of spray paint, his work emphasizes the positive attributes of spray paint as a medium while pushing to overcome both the physical limitations and preconceived notions that accompany it. Often times monochromatic, the works leave greater emphasis to rendering, smooth gradients, shading, and the relationship between foreground and background; positive and negative. His current works strip down color and composition to allow line and shading to dominate work that prominently displays roots in charcoal drawing. These works pay homage to those people close to him, and also to iconic figures that have greatly influenced his development as an artist. Here he engages a limited, complementary palette in a style that dances precariously between hyperrealism and abstraction.

Claudioʼs work has been featured in numerous print and online publications, including Miami Herald , Miami New Times, and The Atlantic . In 2009, The Miami New Times dubbed Claudio Miamiʼ s most progressive, urban artist. For 2011, Claudio completed murals for the Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason, Univision, and Tobacco Road, along with a number of commercial and private commissions, including a local NBA starʼ s home. He is currently working on mural projects in Wynwood, Hollywood, FL and for the SLS Hotel on South Beach.


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