Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie

CHOR as in CHORE BOOGIE.. Just an Artist by use of Spray Paint..

Who exactly is Chor Boogie?

Chor Boogie is an artist, a conceptual genius, a street romantic, a master of illusion and technique, Chor Boogie is an original. His works can be described as having healing effects by his unique and unmatched use of color, which brings greater meaning and understanding to his works. Every vibrant piece has a story attached to it. Chor Boogie’s colorful paintings are attracting A-list celebrities, art galleries and museums. Originally from San Diego, the artist known as Chor Boogie currently resides in San Francisco but is an internationally known artist and has traveled extensively to exhibit his work around the world.

The intentions behind his art work are to create timeless dynamic moments of Imagination, Creativity, Originality, Meaning, Style, Self Expression, Audience, Taste, and the Visual Elements of Line, Light, Composition, Form, Space, and Color. It is derived from the colors of his soul. It is a therapeutic flow of colors, shapes, and movements combined in to one. A movement of images that has adapted to space giving it the significance of belonging to its surface, coming together as one and forming images of creation. Expressing realms of colors that give a healing sense and encourages you to wake up.

”With his innovative techniques and spiritual color philosophies, Chor Boogie is the king”…


“If you ever visited or live in the Bay Area, you’ve seen at least one of Chor Boogie’s striking murals. Boogie’s work ends up looking more like fine art, which is pretty impressive considering he paints solely in aerosol”…




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