Ca$hflow: Using Graffiti to Heal in La Habana

BY Matt Barbot | PUBLISHED: Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
Ca$hflow: Using Graffiti to Heal in La Habana

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There is a long history of treating graffiti like a public nuisance, and a somewhat younger history of attempts to legitimize the artform. One of the latst from Latin America is the documentary film-in-progress With Love from La Habana, an effort on the part of a number of graffiti/urban/mural artists – Belin, Chacon, El Niño de las Pinturas, Berok, Does loveletters and Mr Kern – to use graffiti’s potential for bringing beauty and color to urban environments to rehabilitate depressed areas of Havana, Cuba. In their own words:

With Love From Havana is intended to be a street art documentary film product of social action. A group of graffiti artists decide to travel to Havana, Cuba. The action? Carry out rehabilitation of degraded areas through the graffiti mural art. The project consists of a cultural exchange, and create art galleries in the streets of Havana.


We need your help for:

- food costs for cast and crew;
- location costs;rental costs for camera, lens and sound equipment
- very basic gas stipends and transportation costs for everyone involved;
- graffiti-art department costs on material;
- festival entry fees;
- administrative costs;
- emergency fund (essential in order to cover any unforeseeable costs that may arise);
- fundraising fees (credit card fees; 4% IndieGogo fee if we reach our goal – otherwise, 9%).

As of this posting, they’ve only raised $10, but they have 88 days left to reach their $40,000 goal. Donate, or share with people who can. And don’t forget to check out the artists’ work!


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