Peligrosa All Stars, Moombahton Massive, Que Bajo?!

Peligrosa All Stars, Moombahton Massive, Que Bajo?!

Peligrosa All-Stars, a collective of Latin DJs formed in Austin, has dedicated itself to the “music of the diaspora,” heavily featuring cumbia but branching out into everything from salsa, merengue, bolero, conjunto, and good old rock and roll. They’ve brought members of their New York delegation to The Spot, including DJs Orion, Sabo, Geko Jones, Johnny Love, Dirty Finger, King Louie, Venus, and VJ Fourth Wall.

If Latin house wasn’t Latin enough for you, well, moombahton might just be what you’re looking for. It replaces the four-on-the-floor disco beat of most house and dance with the by now familiar “dem bow” rhythm of reggaeton. DJs Dave Nada and Sabo were the early pioneers of this sound, which became buzzworthy in 2010, before finally joining forces to create the Moombahton Massive EP.

DJs Geko Jones and Uproot Andy are “musical anthropologists,” returning to Colombia for the old-school sounds that they combine – Frankenstein style – with modern sounds to create electro folklore and digital cumbia before unleashing them to wreak havoc upon club-crowds at their Que Bajo?! parties. They’re Brooklyn-based and they party in Manhattan, but they’ve taken their sound across the country and around the world.

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Date: Saturday, July 16th

Time: 10:00pm


Openhouse Gallery, the New York pop-up space
Official / Facebook /  Twitter
201 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012


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