La Trivia #3: Win Henry Garcia Designs

BY Matt Barbot | PUBLISHED: Monday, October 10th, 2011
La Trivia #3: Win Henry Garcia Designs

WEDNESDAY UPDATE 10/12: A brand new screencap


And a Britsh actor we know eXcels on the silver screen:



Henry Garcia is an Uptown, Dominican artist using his skills to create wearable pieces. He makes t-shirts under the brand K-MI-Z (which, if you got the joke there right away, you’re smarter than we are), and their designs have caught the attention of the likes of Rene from Calle 13. He also creates for Skinine, a company seemingly devoted entirely to making other droolingly people jealous of your phone. Seriously, check out their skins.
Luckily for us, Garcia has graced us with a few giveaways for the person who, as with our previous installments, can correctly identify and/or answer questions about the video we’ve screengrabbed above. We’ll be providing more hints on Wednesday, and asking the question on our Facebook page on Friday. You have to Like us to win! Oh, and how you’ll win. Check out the swag. First, the phone skin (don’t worry, we’ll accomodate your device).


Next up, this K-MI-Z t-shirt.

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