Carla Morrison, Diego Garcia + Rey Pila

Carla Morrison, Diego Garcia + Rey Pila

Carla Morrison’s one-girl band is comprised of a Boss XL20 loops pedal, a tambourine, a melodic guitar, a Casio vintage keyboard and a mic. You couldn’t tell from the sweet, minimalistic, sometimes melancholic sound. The Mexican-born singer has often been compared to Feist and Joanna Newsom, and her voice carries hints of Natalia Lafourcade – if only Natalia indulged in songs where she never laughed at herself, but rather steeped her chords in anger and ennui.

It’s tough to wrap your brain around Diego García, going from Interpol comparisons to José José ones. But the former Elefant frontman has his Argentine roots to pay homage to. The guitar-plucked “You Were Never There” was our first sign of what was in store for us with the release of his solo debut, a trip back to the romantic era of José José and Sandro. With a lush arrangement and García’s throwback delivery, it was one of the most beautiful songs of the 2010. With the success of his album, 2011 has been a good year for Garcia.

Rey Pila is the brainchild of Diego Solórzano, former frontman and composer of Los Dynamite. After touring throughout Mexico and the US with the band – sharing stages with the likes of The Killers, Interpol, Bloc Party and Soulwax – he struck out on his own and released the ten track, self title Rey Pila debut album, including his smash single “No.114.”


The pair of singer/songwriters will be joined by the DJs of Solo Dame Indie Pop!, a New York City party promoting new indie, primarily USA based Latino artists.

Carla Morrison: Official / Facebook / Twitter

Diego Garcia: OfficialFacebookTwitter

Rey Pila: Official / Facebook / Twitter

Solo Dame Indie Pop!: Facebook

Date: Thursday, July 14th

Time: 8:00pm


Openhouse Gallery, the New York pop-up space
Official / Facebook /  Twitter
201 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012


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